Workplace Rights

Workplace Rights


Nearly 50 years after sex discrimination was prohibited, women continue to be paid less, face sexual harassment, and confront barriers to hiring and promotion. Many low-wage women work in jobs providing no paid leave. They are critical breadwinners and simply cannot afford to forfeit wages in order to take time off from work. Yet, they remain principal family caretakers; they become pregnant but need to work; and they have little access to back-up family care services.

Programs & Initiatives

  • Legal Momentum advocates for employment policies that protect the rights of victims of violence and prevent them from losing their jobs. We train employers and unions, draft and promote new legislation, track legislative developments nationwide, and bring cases to expand and enforce the employment rights of victims.
  • Pregnancy and Family Responsibilities
    As more and more families depend on women’s income – and an increasing number of women are their family’s primary breadwinner – the ability to maintain employment before, during, and after pregnancy has become imperative. Though pregnancy and child-care demands affect women workers at all levels, for many low-wage working women the needs – and challenges – are especially severe.
  • Legal Momentum works to enforce and expand laws and policies enacted to protect working women. We use our expertise in employment and pregnancy discrimination law to prevent and redress discrimination and harassment against women on a national scale. We work at every level of government to strengthen and promote systemic and policy-based solutions to the challenges faced by women, especially for women working in low wage and non-traditional fields.

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