Women and Violence

Violence is a fact of life. Women face violence at home, on the street, and in the workplace. Notwithstanding one of Legal Momentum’s signature achievements— passage of the Violence Against Women Act—supportive services, rights, and protective measures for victims remain inadequate, while the sensitivity of law enforcement and judicial personnel to victims remains low.

Programs & Initiatives

  • Legal Momentum led the effort to pass the federal Violence Against Women Act and continues to promote programs supporting and protecting victims’ rights under the Act and at the state level. Every five years, Congress reauthorizes this vital legislation. Legal Momentum works in coalition to see that each reauthorization increases resources for victims and community support structures, such as shelters and law enforcement, which protect victims and prevent violence.

  • The National Judicial Education Program (NJEP) educates judges and justice system professionals about gender bias as a factor in civil, criminal, family and juvenile law, and provides methods to prevent it. We focus on the treatment of domestic violence and sexual assault cases in the judicial process by illuminating the negative impact of gender stereotypes in the courts and providing resources for fair adjudication.

  • Legal Momentum advocates for employment policies that protect the rights of victims of violence and prevent them from losing their jobs. We train employers and unions, draft and promote new legislation, track legislative developments nationwide, and bring cases to expand and enforce the employment rights of victims.
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    Sextortion is extortion where sex or sexual imagery, rather than money, is demanded by someone with power over the victim.

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